3 Days Mahoma Nature Walk

Day 1: The three days trek takes you through the pristine rainforest of kyambogho ridge with a view of the Mubuku Valley then climb the heavily forested ridge which is home to many primates, such as black and white Colobus monkey, blue monkey and occasionally the L’hoest monkey up the Omu’ka Kizza Rest Camp at 2,977metres. Here you will enjoy the magnificent views over the Rwenzori foothills and Kasese town 2,160 meters below.

Day 2: The second day you hike to Mahoma Lake the forest gives way to along narrow moss covered ridge up to 3,515 meters through an incredibly beautiful forest of giant heather trees covered in layers of bright green moss. You will follow the footprints of mountain Elephants through the bamboo and heather forest and by chance watch them having a drink at the hot spring. The ridge will lead you to the Rukenga valley where you will see the helichrysum -everlasting flowers, carex, the mimulopssis eliotti flowers and the giant lobelia. You then cross to Mahoma lake Camp for the night. From Mahoma lake if the sky is clear you will be able to see Mt.Baker, Mt.Stanley and the Portal Peaks.

Day 3: After breakfast go for walk around the lake and then descend back through Nyabitaba range post and the Mpanga ridge to adjoin the Mubuku valley, a home of three horned chameleon

Afro-alpine gigantism of Mountains of the Moon: 
Why do these plants grow so large? In Rwenzori giant lobelias can grow to 8 m, much taller than the same species found in other African mountains. The factors are availability of sunlight and water. In Rwenzori both are readily available. Water is found as ground water, rain and air moisture. Despite the cloud cover, the presence of this mountain range on the equator ensures a continuous bombardment of ultraviolet radiation necessary og photosynthesis. 

Different clima zones in Rwenzori: 
Grassy foothils, 1000 – 2000m, Montane Forest, 1500 – 2500m, Bamboo/Mimulopsis Zone, 2500 – 3000m, Heather Zone; 3000 – 4000m, Apline Zone, 3800 – 4500m