3 Days Kibale National Park

Tour Details

You will arrive at the airport, picked and transferred to the hotel which you have either booked for yourself or booked by Wild homeland Safaris  where you will be briefed by our tour guide and share any other related issues to the trip then dinner and then an overnight

3 Days Chimpanzee Trekking Tour – Kibale Forest National Park offers the best experience of observing Chimpanzees in their natural habitat in UgandaKibale Forest National Park has the biggest population of Chimpanzees numbering more than 1500 individuals. The park is also gifted with the highest population of primates than any park in Africa, comprising of 13  diferent species. Kibale Forest National Park is thus a primate lover’s haven and the primate capital of the world. The forest is also home to East Africa’s largest population of the threatened red colobus and the rare I’Hoest’s monkey. Other primates include the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, bush baby and potto. It is the best place to track chimpazees in the world. Kibale is also gifted with over 375 species of birds and 70 mammals, making it a perfect ideal for bird enthusiasts. On this 3 day chimpanzee trekking Tour Kibale Forest National Park, you will get to track a large community of nearly 100 habituated Chimpanzees. After your chimp trek in Kibale forest, a nature walk through the Bigodi wetlands at the edge of the park will offer more primates including several species of monkeys and birds. The chimp trekking permits cost $150 for international travelers, $100 foreign residents and shs. 100,000 for East Africans. For those who are very keen to observe the primates for the whole day, you can also do the Chimpanzee Habituation experience which starts at 6:30 am, a time before which the chimpanzes start moving out of their nests. During this experience, you go about following chimps with researchers and get a chance to see the Chimpanzees waking up, gathering together in large families and as they start to feed through the day. You also witness some rare characters exhibited by chimps during feeding like hunting other animals for food. You also get to observe and witness most of the techniques that are employed during the chimp habitation process. The chimpanzee habituation permits cost $220 each for foreign non-residents and $150 for foreign residents. East African nationals pay $70. This 3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Tour in Kibale Forest National Park gives you an opportunity to experience a variety and diversity of primates in their natural habitat as well as numerous species of birds. The chimp trekking/ habituation experience in the forest, the swamp walk as well as the community walk in Bigodi wetland sanctuary are treasures that you cannot afford to miss. We give you a wide-range of accommodations to choose from, ranging from budget, moderate to luxury.

Day 1
Leisure Time Transfer from Kampala/Entebbe to Kibale Forest National Park with a Stopover & Lunch en-route at Fort Portal
  • Journey Time: 5 hours
  • Accommodation: Kyaninga Lodge or Papaya Lake Lodge (Luxury), Isunga Lodge or Turaco Tree Tops (Mid-range), Kibale Forest Camp  (Budget)
  • Meal Plan: Lunch (en-route), Dinner
  • You will be picked from your hotel at 7am and set off for the road trip to Kibale National Park, located in western Uganda. You will use the Kampala to Fort Port Kamwenge road.
  • You will reach Fort Portal town by mid-day and stopover for lunch. Along the way, you will have spectacular views of tea estates, forests and the matiri forest reserve. Fort Portal is located in the shadow of the legendary Rwenzori Mountain which forms a mystic backdrop to the beautiful volcanic landscape you are treated to on your drive from the town to the park.
  • You will arrive to the park in the late afternoon and check into your lodge located just outside the park.
Chimpanzee Tracking Bigodi Swamp Walk Chimpanzee Tracking at Kibale Forest National Park in the Morning & Nature Walk through Bigodi Wetlands – Home to many Primate Species
  • Accommodation:Kyaninga Lodge or Papaya Lake Lodge (Luxury), Isunga Lodge or Turaco Tree Tops (Mid-range), Kibale Forest Camp (Budget)
  • Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • After early breakfast, you will transfer to Kanyanchu, at the park offices and vistor information Centre at 7am to meet the ranger guides for registration and pre-trek briefing about what to do and not during chimpanzee trekking.After briefing, you will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned a ranger, after which you will set off to trek into the forest to track a community of Chimpanzees. The trek usually lasts between 3-5 hours and varies due to the movement of the Chimpanzees. 3 large communities of Chimpanzees have been habituated for the tracking adventure. Each of these communities was designed for different kinds of visitors; one is for chimpanzee tracking, the other is for research and the last one was designed for the habituation experience. You will locate the Chimps without so much straining since the location of each of the Chimp community is known before hand by advance trackers and communicated to your guides. The trek highlights a variety of flora ad fauna and while you trek through the forest, you will observe plenty of other wildlife.

    Other primates which you may spot include Red Colobus Monkey, L’Hoest Monkey, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, and Vervet Monkeys. The bird lovers spot many forest species from a total of 335 bird species recorded in the forest. The trademark panthoots and loud screams of the Chimps can be heard from a distance and will lead you straight to their community. Once you reached them, you will spend one hour observing and following the chimpanzee through the forest. The Chimps which will be swinging through trees with so much speed, pant hooting, slapping the tree barks and screaming to locate each other. It is an adrenaline giving atmosphere and a memorable experience. After the experience, you will return to the visitor information centre and you will be given certificates. You will then return to the lodge for lunch. Later in the day you shall transfer to the Bigodi Wetlands, situated on the eastern edge of the forest in Magombe swamp. 

    Bigodi is punctuated by biodiversity and beautiful scenery, and is a birder’s paradise with about 138 species. It also hosts eight species of primates including the black-and-white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed, l’Hoest’s and blue monkeys, and olive baboons. Bushbucks and mongooses can also be found here. The sanctuary was set up to preserve the exclusive environmental features along with the wetland and is managed by the local community. In this area, there are small establishments or groups of people that are prepared to take you through the two main activities, that is the Swamp walk and the community walk. In the swamp walk, you shall take a light walk in the wetlands to observe nature and wildlife including many monkey species. During this walk, you will have the opportunity to spot some wildlife species that you hadn’t witnessed during the trek. These include certain species of primates, butterflies, plants and  spectacular birds. Some of such birds include; the green breasted pitta which is endemic to Kibale forest, the rare Papyrus Gonolek and the great blue turaco. Some primates include the Red colubus monkeys. You also have chances of viewing forest elephants, forest buffalos, sitatungas, serval cats, civet cats and mangoose. After the swamp walk, you will have the community walk which involves experiencing culture and a few things that are done by the local people. The include; Gin brewing from banana, coffee processing, craft making and having a visit to the local medicine man to see the use of local medicine.  Return in the evening for dinner and overnight.
Day 3
Leisure Time Relaxed Breakfast & Transfer from Kibale Forest National Park to Kampala/Entebbe
  • Journey Time: 8 hours
  • Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch (packed, en-route)
  • After breakfast, you will check out of the lodge and head back to Kampala, with your lunchbox. You make a stop en-route for lunch. Your tour guide will drop you of at you hotel in Kampala or Entebbe.